Power Plant Noise Control Engineers Measuring Steam Vent Sound
Acoustical Engineers Measuring Power Plant Steam Vent Silencer Noise

Serving the Power Industry for 24 Years

Power Acoustics' has been serving the Electric Power Generation Industry for over 24 years. Power Acoustics' acoustical engineers and noise control consultants have provided services in the USA and abroad for hundreds of power plant projects. Power Acoustics - Power Plants

Acoustical Analysis and Noise Studies

We provide Environmental Noise Impact Assessments, Computer Modeling of Community Noise, Noise Abatement Designs, Acoustical Diagnostic Measurements to Solve Noise Problems, Employee Noise Exposure and Community Noise Surveys. Acoustical Engineering Services

We Understand Power Plants

Peaker Power Plants, Base Load Energy Centers, Distributed Generation Power Facilities, we get it.
Power Plant Noise and Acoustical Consultants Our projects cover a broad range of Power Generation projects including Simple Cycle Combustion Turbines (Gas Turbines), Cogeneration Power Plants, Biomass Energy Centers, Nuclear Plants, new Coal Power Facilities and retrofits of Air Quality Control Systems (AQCS) to existing Coal Facilities, Emergency and Black Start Diesel Gensets, and Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines (RICE).


Reliable Advice

We've seen just about everything related to power plant noise.
/Power Plant Noise Measurements We can help you through all your project's development and operational phases, including preliminary engineering and planning stages and facility equipment layout strategies, providing your Environmental Impact Assessment team with the acoustical engineering expertise and expert witness support they need to get your power project approved. We have an in-depth understanding of the viability of a power facility's engineered noise abatement and when you're pushing the acoustical design's State-of-the-Art. We assess the power plant's community noise response, we develop the power facility's engineered noise control design, we perform the power plant's noise compliance testing. And, when necessary, we can help diagnose and develop noise abatement concepts for the occasional power plant that exceeded its noise goals.

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Acoustical Engineering and Consulting:
  • Environmental and Employee Noise Exposure Sound Surveys
  • Community Noise Impact Analysis
  • Expert Witnessing
  • Computer Based Community Noise Modeling
  • Detailed Diagnostic Acoustical Testing and Analysis
  • Noise Abatement Engineering (Both assessment and design)